सा कृषि विकास उन्नति पद्धति लि.






we provide our centar any food product and coching centars,computer instiute,richarge,money transfer,money exchange,cabs to low price  in any market our any product is fresh and special seeds fertilizer,jaivic fertilizer and agricultural medicins of insec avilable minimum price for formers food materials like flour rice oil salt etc avilabele for members minium price to market.deterjent cake deterjent powder shampoo soap avilable for minium price. dary product butter milk ghee chees avilable minium price  fost food nonvage vage etc avilable for public by rastorant in all india.

Our services                                                                                                                                                         

 1-skvup shops or centers

2-skvup computer instituetes

3skvup coaching centers

4-recharge point

6-rail reservation

7-flaight booking ( domestic &international )

8-skvup cabs 

10-skvup restaurant

11-skvup ladies beauty points

12-skvup hotels

13-skvup hositels

14-skvup malls

15-skvup boutique

16-skvup mineral water

 17-electric manufacture & supplyer

18-agricultural devlopment

19-on line cereals sell & buy